Oct 21

What’s The Deal With California Catalytic Converter Laws

I live in las Angeles California and the smog requirements here are ridiculous. I guess its just the price you pay to live in paradise. So I went to get an engine code read at the dealer ship the other day and they told me my catalytic converter was bad. They had the never to tell me that it would cost $1129 to have another swapped out. I thought they were crazy and figured Id buy one off of eBay and put it on myself.

I waited till I got to work the next. hey you would prefer to be paid to surf the web too right? As I started searching I noticed every cat I could find that was suppose to fit my car said not California compliant. I was at least learning that there were 4 major brands of aftermarket cats they were catco, eastern, magnaflow catalytic converter, and walker exhaust. I was even able to source a few part number for Ca complaint converters from each of the manufacturers.

However no one would sell me one because it was illegal. What I found out was that my state actually had cats made specifically for it and had recently (1-1-2009) outlawed all of them while passing a further restrictive smog law. So all they cats are being sold on the web to fit ca are actually bad. I tried to call most manufacturers but no one would help me until I called all exhaust. They explained to me in detail everything I needed to know and helped me get the correct universal California Magnfalow Catalytic Converter.

I had it welded on for $50 by a meneke muffler shop and I passed my emissions testing with flying colors. Now if I had been interested in just bolting on the

Oct 20

Learn How To Obtain The Best Employment Law Guidance

Addressing employee grievances and complaints correctly is a vital aspect of every successful business. It is really important that you seek employment law advice if you are unsure how to proceed and employment law solicitors are the most effective people to use in these situations. You need to make certain you follow all relevant aspects of the Employment Law Act and certain procedures.

Ensure you know about the two kinds of employment rights. Statutory rights are the types that were formulated by Parliament and include issues like discrimination and unfair firing.

The first thing a worker ought to do when they have a complaint or a grievance relating to their job is always to confer with a line manager. The matter ought to be taken seriously and hopefully be solved to the satisfaction of both the company and employee at this level. If this is not possible, and this depends on the nature of the complaint, the matter needs to be taken further. Personnel and Human Resource professionals will likely step in at that point, and they may wish to gather employment law guidance so that they can determine the best way to proceed. Should your firm not retain its own Hr staff, it’s wise to consult with employment law solicitors in order to obtain sound employment law guidance.

Employees should be informed about the process for raising grievances, and the best way is to create a formal procedure detailing what they ought to do when a problem arises. Compliance of the Employment Law Act is made simpler when the procedure is written up with advice from an expert in employment law.

These guidelines ought to be accessible to employees and manager alike to ensure that both sides act appropriately. It is common for firms to establish

Oct 20

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Decide If You Have a Good Case

If you suffer an injury that is the result of someone else’s negligence or occurs on their property, you may be able to pursue legal action against them. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to seek out a personal injury lawyer for advice and guidance.

All too often a person becomes hurt on another person’s property and they rush to file a claim against the property owner. Rather than consult with an attorney to make sure they have a strong case, they take matters into their own hands. A large majority of cases are dismissed or ruled in favor of the negligent party because enough due diligence was not exercised by the victim.

Not all cases end up in front of a judge. Many cases are resolved during a settlement hearing. This is where the negligent party’s defense team makes an offer to the victim. In many cases this offer is much lower than what the victim is seeking or rightfully deserves. The victim has the right to accept or refuse any offer that is made. If neither side is able to agree on an offer, then the claim can be taken to trial and ruled on by a judge. Once a claim goes to trial, it is then up to the jury or judge to determine whether or not the defendant (negligent party) is liable and how much they have to pay to the victim.

One common mistake that many victims make is not realizing the severity of their injuries. They assume that their wounds are minor and don’t hire a personal injury lawyer when one is needed. Another mistake is accepting the very first offer without really discussing the matter or seeking professional advice. Once an offer is accepted, the

Oct 17

Bizarre Laws In The State Of Illinois Keep Those Smelly Feet Out Of The Theater

You never know when weird laws are liable to be enforced. People in the State of Illinois were surprised to see that some blue laws, those that prohibited certain conduct on Sundays, were enforced a decade or so ago. These blue laws are considered strange laws by many who live in other states. One of the bizarre laws in Illinois that is enforced is no car selling on Sundays. Car dealerships in Cook County must be closed on Sundays. This is one of the weird laws that was enacted in the early 1980s as a way to cut down on car sales competition.

Other Illinois weird laws include no selling of liquor on Sundays. In some cities and counties, there is no liquor sold from stores on Sundays. In others, no liquor sales are permitted before 12 noon.

In the city of Cicero, the home of the notorious Al Capone, it is illegal to hum in public on Sundays. This is not one of the bizarre laws in Illinois that are enforced today. One might imagine that this is one of the weird laws that were enacted during the times of Al Capone. It is also illegal to eat at a restaurant or any other establishment that is on fire.

Another of the Illinois strange laws involves theater owners. Theater owners can kick out anyone from a theater in the city of Winnetka that has smelly feet. This is one of the strange laws from the 1940s that is on the books today.

In the city of Joliet, also in Illinois, a woman cannot try on more than 6 items in a store at one time. This is one of those weird laws that is enforced by stores to deter shoplifting, although it is a matter

Oct 16

Why should you need a lawyer

Nobody can tell what will happen to him and his family tomorrow. Someone around you may suffer an injury as the result of somebody else’s action. You may take it natural you can get compensation from the person who hurt you or the insurance company. However, in most cases, many people would not like to take their responsibility for what they do. The lawyers of insurance company have good understanding if law and they know that most common people do not have a clear idea of what legal rights they possess.

In such cases, in order to protect your own right, you should consult to an experienced personal injury lawyer. They know how to handle your case. They are experts to negotiate with insurance company, if necessary; they may take your case to trial. Of course, you could go to talk with insurance company yourself, but insurance company will take the advantage of you for lacking of legal knowledge and you may be in a bad position if you finally decide to sue.

With a lawyer, you may obtain a favorable settlement. Although you should pay the lawyer for the work they do, that not mean you have paid more. Deducted the attorney fee you should pay, you still get much more than you handle yourself.

How much does a personal injury attorney cost? Most personal injury lawyers ask contingent fee, which means that they only receive an attorney fee on the condition that they win the case for you. The amount of the contingent fee varies from states to states. Generally, the attorney fees will between one third and 40% of a personal injury award. But there is exception; attorney fees for workers compensation cases have been toughly regulated, the fees cost are lower than regular

Oct 15

Gainesville Contract Disputes Lawyer – Let a Lawyer Help You Resolve Contract Disputes

A contract is a legal document binding two or more parties to certain agreed-upon terms. A contract can be drawn up to reflect the timetable when a job will be performed and completed; it can also specify the terms of payment that will be made throughout the job or upon its completion. A contract is likely to outline the specifics of a job and will often contain protections that safeguard the interests of both client and contractor. The promises contained in a contract may be further guaranteed through the use of bonds or other insurance products. Since contracts are legal documents, it is in your best interest to seek the perspective of a Gainesville contract disputes lawyer if any problems arise.

How contractual disputes can arise

Despite numerous precautions, contract disputes can sometimes arise. These disputes may result from inaccurate or unspecific language used in the contract’s body. Sometimes contradictions between the contract and other information, such as verbal promises, arise. Unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, labor strikes, or a spike in materials cost, result in contracted jobs being left unfulfilled.

Disputes can result from many types of contracts, including:

Lease agreements Temporary or permanent employment Tenancy Rental agreements Non-disclose or non-compete

Making sense of these contradictions and the confusing circumstances that result can be beyond the ability of the initial parties. An unbiased voice needed to cut through the confusion and provide answers that are accurate and dependable. A Gainsville contract disputes lawyer can help get a project back on the right track and will work to find a solution for even the most complex contractual obligations. How lawyers work to resolve disputes

A Gainesville contract disputes lawyer can go about resolving concerns in several ways. It is common to examine the

Oct 12

Tips On Finding The Right Prenup Lawyer

Prenuptial agreement drafting has aptly been described as the legal practice that involves a little bit of everything. This adage is very true because prenups include spousal rights in death or divorce, tax implications (both state and federal), primary residence, corporate planning, and even child rearing. Therefore, finding the right prenup lawyer is extremely important. Below are some tips to help you find the right prenup lawyer for your unique marital situation:

1.Use a lawyer that is licensed in the state where your prenup will be enforced and interpreted. Prenups specify which state law the agreement will be enforced and interpreted under (this may be a different state than where the couple lives or where the agreement is executed). Every state has different enforceability provisions for prenups, thus it is imperative to engage the services of prenup lawyers which are licensed in the applicable state.

2.Make sure the lawyer has experience in drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements. State law, including the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, is quite complex and an inexperienced lawyer may draft provisions which render your prenup unenforceable. Further, various states impose strict enforcement procedures which the parties must follow to make their prenup enforceable (i.e., California imposes a 7-day holding period if alimony is altered). Only an experienced prenup lawyer will be familiar with the nuances of prenuptial agreement law.

3.Find lawyers that offer you a price quote upfront. Many couples end up spending significantly beyond their budget due to excessive attorney hourly billing, fees and costs. You should discuss these costs and fees with your lawyer prior to engagement of his or her services.

4.Inquire if the attorney has insurance. Often times lawyers operate without insurance, and a properly insured attorney (or law firm) can give you peace of mind.

5.Dont believe a prenup lawyer that guarantees the enforceability of your

Oct 12

Qualities A Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Posses

In the legal world one aspect is more serious than others, criminal cases. In these cases the burden on the shoulder of the criminal lawyer is immense as he is the one who will ensure that the accused will get just treatment as per the law.

The lawyer must know the inside out of the laws and comprehend clearly the intricacies of the case. He is the one who will prove the prosecution wrong and highlight the brass tacks of the case before the jury so that if his client is innocent, wrongly accused, or been framed by criminals he will get justice and not be punished for crimes he has not committed.

The ideal way to choose a criminal defense lawyer is to find out his reputation from unconnected sources, check out his rating, see whether you are comfortable with him and feel you can trust him with your innermost secrets. In the case of criminal cases a client must be able to confide in the lawyer completely and know that the lawyer will do his best in the case.

When charged with a crime small or large you need the support of a criminal defense attorney. He will arrange for your release and take appropriate action regarding papers and procedure. He will shoulder the responsibility of advising you on procedures and give recommendations on what is the best action or path to take.

And, in case you are not in a financial position to hire a lawyer the state will appoint one to defend you. In criminal cases the most important thing is to know your rights and options.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer must be one who is:

1.Well qualified in criminal law.

2.Passionate about justice and protecting the rights of the client.

3.Bold and confident while in court and have a presence, intimidate

Oct 11

Knowing The Qualifications Of Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need representation when making a legal claim in court, you need to look for a personal injury lawyer. Whether you are filing a case against physical or psychological injury inflicted by others, the lawyer will present your case for a sure win. Because you will be spending quite a large amount of money for the whole process, you will need to find the right professional to handle your case. Here are the things you should know about the qualifications of the attorney.


Personal injury lawyer must possess the necessary basic education to practice the profession. Your lawyer must finish the degree from a recognized educational institution. However, mere graduation from the school is not enough to be called as lawyer. The education is only the first thing to look for from your legal counsel.


After finishing the required years of education, a personal injury lawyer must obtain a license in the area where he intends to practice. In Colorado, you must pass the bar examination and apply for a license before you can practice law. Without an appropriate license, it would be illegal for your personal injury lawyer to represent you in court.


For you to increase your chances of winning your case, check the track record of your personal injury lawyer. The years of his experience will commensurate well with his expertise in the field. Since the field requires expertise in tort law, verify the different cases he handled before. Determine if there are similar cases as yours and look at the result of his representation.


The qualifications of the personal injury lawyer do not end with the several years in law school. It is important that he undergoes continuous training to update his knowledge and to improve his skill.

Oct 11

More About The Hampton DUI Lawyer

All criminal defendants are entitled to a competent defense. The federal government and each state provide legal counsel for those who are indigent and cannot afford their own private Hampton DUI Lawyer. However, this service is offered in a variety of ways depending upon the state or jurisdiction. Large metropolitan areas are more likely to have a public defender’s office to serve the high volume of criminal cases. In sparsely populated rural areas where it is not cost-effective to have full-time public defenders, there are other ways of covering this requirement. There are four primary indigent defense systems: the public defender’s office, contract systems, assigned counsel programs, and pro bono publico.

Public Defenders Office

Many jurisdictions elect or appoint public defenders. The state or county gives the public defender a budget and assigns him or her to provide legal defense for indigent defendants. The public defender then hires assistant public defenders that are the workhorses of the agency and defend most of the cases. The main public defender may occasionally represent a high- profile client. Usually, these cases are somewhat sensational, such as having a celebrity victim or defendant, or it may be a death penalty case.

The public defender’s office, depending upon size, will have several divisions that specialize in certain types of criminal offenses. The public defender’s office is divided into the following divisions: appellate, mental health, county court, felony, investigations, intake, and juvenile, major crimes, and social services. This allows the assistant public defenders to specialize in specific types of cases. For instance, the juvenile division works with the juvenile court and represents all juveniles in the jurisdiction who are accused of status offenses or delinquency and whose parents are indigent. Additionally, the division handles the first appearance of some clients, which is the first court hearing

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